SoCo/Jacks/Death Cab

Another great night.  I hung out with the JJNTxtB tonight at Jasons Deli and spent some time on the driveway listening to various songs on my ipod.  Definitely got a new respect for Death Cab, and of course I showed a few songs I thought she should listen to.  :)

Tomorrow is the last first day of class I will ever have.  Its really really really weird to think that.  Oh God, all the beginning years of  wearing your new shoes your mom bought you and reppin that new hair cut trying to impress people.  Having your awesome Spiderman lunch box.  Checking your schedules to see who had the same classes.  Unbelievable, tomorrow is it (hopefully if I dont fail

Still at the moment, I have no idea about my future.  Jobs?  Music?  People in it?  All I know is that I am doing what I can to enjoy it and hopefully make the best of it.

Time to get in the routine again.

OCD sucks

01:49 am, BY helloshawzy